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(Skip to about 3:20) Tomorrow I get my xbox, which means dark souls 2, but I’m ALSO getting the OTHER From Software/Namco Bandai game, Armored Core.

Honestly, having played a lot of DS1 and some DS2, Armored Core looks harder.

Let me explain you a thing.

The mission they show is a special team only mission not in the main storyline.  It is also one the the easiest of the multiplayer bosses, the harder ones being the plane guy and energy ball dude.  Out of 6 big bosses if I remember correctly.

Not to say the story isn’t challenging, (two giant robot wheels of death at one time? sure!)  But the above video does not represent most of the game.  I do find it deeply satisfying however as the game does reward skill and persistence.  It contains a special harder story mode after you first beat the game.  It also has DEEP customization, it is common for pilots to spend hours working on their ACs.

My Xbox tag is DragonL0rd132 and my pilot name is Sun 9.

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