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Regarding Logan Grimnar



Those laughing at this: 


I’ll just leave this 


and this 


I’m pretty certain the Space Viking of Space Vikings would be inspired by Aesir-Thor (just like Leman Russ himself!), rather than Santa Claus. 

the-pournival how do you feel about being harnessed to a god’s cart?

At least they had the decency to make the sled into a viking ship…


After years. Literally years of trying to find a way to get OP: I on my AC for Armoured Core: Last Raven I still can’t do it. 

Someone…someone please teach me how to get OP: I so I can see what it’s like. Just once to fire a back cannon in mid flight :(

OP isn’t in Last Raven, if you want laser blade waves and flying back cannons, you have to use a cheat device.  Or go with tank legs. ew

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