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One of the few more typical illustration pieces I did whilst at uni.

Animal rights isn’t something I get that up in arms about, honestly. But something really irks me about the whole white tiger thing… I think it’s the deception.

For those unaware, white tigers are NOT a sub-species of tiger. They should not be being bred for conservation, or arguably at all. And the breeding of them has damaged the captive tiger population, both white and regular, bengal and siberian, beyond repair. They also often suffer ill effects of in breeding.

Note the DNA being washed out in my image.

Learn more about the White Tiger Fraud.

For those you don’t know, white tigers are horrible inbred. 


fellow 40k-ers!

does anyone know how to use Photoshop? I surely don’t.

If yes, could you change the background to black, the pentagram and the inverted cross to white, the kitty stays the same & improve the quality/size of the pic a little bit?

If you make it good, this will be your reward:

Like so? 

Improving pic size and quality is a common myth, you’d need the original high resolution images to that.

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